Illegal rave in UK continues three days after police attempts to shut it down

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An illegal rave inside the UK is taking the term “the party never stops” to a whole new level. Despite police attempts to shut down the event, it has continued to thrive with hundreds of people three days later.

Taking place in Davidstow Moore in Cornwall, the illegal rave was first reported to the police on Friday when a magnitude of cars all showed up on the grounds of what would soon become the party. With complaints of extremely loud music and obstructions in the area due to all the vehicles, locals are concerned with not being able to sleep as well as the well-being of the animals surrounding the area.

Police have been trying to get these ravers to leave all weekend. However, there are ultimately too many attendees for the authorities to deal with all at once. Therefore, they are urging the community to stay clear of getting close to the rave in order to avoid traffic delays.

“In the interest of public safety, we are asking anyone thinking about attending the event not to do so. I would like to reassure the local communities and wider public that we are taking this matter seriously and where appropriate, we will seek to action against those attending and running the event.” – Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson

The community will not have to deal with the illegal rave for much longer as it is actually scheduled to end today.

Check out some of the videos from inside the illegal rave in the UK below. Check out the YouTube video here. 

Image Credit: Hobby Mounts

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