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In this exclusive interview, we caught up with Jacob Colon, the rising star of the house scene known for his unique blend of Latin rhythms and house music. With high-energy tracks and heavy-bassline beats, Jacob has been making waves in the industry. 

During our conversation, Jacob gives us a peek into his studio setup, shares his creative process when starting a new production, and talks about his favorite gear in the studio. He also recounts some fun stories about his experiences producing music with other artists. 

Join us for an insightful conversation with Jacob Colon and learn more about the mind behind the beats.  

Hey Jacob Colon, how are you? 

I am doing well. It’s been a busy few weeks for me outside of the studio, but I’ll be back to producing soon. 

Can you walk us through your studio? What does your setup look like? 

Over the years, I’ve relied mostly on my headphones to produce and mix since I can’t be in the studio every day. I have a nice setup with a set of 8-inch and 5-inch monitors, computer speakers for different references, and a bunch of different workstation keyboards like the Yamaha Motif and KOMPLETE mid-keyboards. My preference is the Yamaha Motif because it feels the best for my hands when playing chords and melodies. 

Which DAW do you use to produce music? Have you been using the same one since the beginning? 

I use Logic Pro. I started with Cubase many years ago, but gradually moved to Logic. I feel Logic has the best user-friendly platform. 

Can you describe what the usual workflow looks like when starting a new production? 

Sure. Kick, clap, hats, percussion (congas, bongo, toms, etc.), shakers to complement the rhythm of the percussion then bass and chords. Basically, drums, bass, then chords and melodies. 

Do you have a favorite spot in the studio? Or a place in the studio where you always feel inspired? 

I don’t have a favorite spot, but I’m always able to grab a little inspiration when I read self-improvement books or listen to a particular chord structure from a song that I like. 

What’s your favorite piece of gear in the studio? 

It’s gotta be the piano for me. 

What’s the oldest piece of gear you own? 

Probably my Yamaha Motif XF keyboard. I used this board back when I played live shows before my production days. 

What’s the newest piece of gear you’ve gotten? 

Roland and NI VSTs. 

Is there something you’d like to add or change in the studio in the future? 

Yeah, I’d like to add a few more decor pieces, but I can wait on that. When I see the right piece, I’ll get it. 

Do you have any fun stories regarding producing in your studio? 

I’ve had some great sessions with so many artists. The best one was when I was in the studio for an entire weekend to complete an album with an artist. We started Friday night and finished Sunday night. Of course, we ate and slept, but the sessions ended around 4 am and we were back in it by 9 am. Good times! 

It was great catching up with Jacob Colon and gaining insight into his creative process and experiences in the music industry. His unique blend of Latin rhythms and his signature style has made him a rising star in the Electronic Dance music scene, and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre is inspiring. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Jacob, and are excited to witness his continued success as a DJ and music producer. 

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