Nightclubs in Helsinki are now open as covid restrictions have been lifted

The nightlife in Helsinki is all set for a major boost as the covid restrictions in the capital of Finland were finally lifted on Monday, February 28. Following the likes of several European countries, Finland has also lifted the precautionary social distancing measures and mandatory vaccination requirements for nightclubs and events. The nightlife industry around the globe has been in jeopardy ever since the onset of covid, but now we have started taking some extremely significant steps towards normalcy which is a really positive sign.

As per the previous rules, the clubs in Helsinki were supposed to stop serving alcohol to their customers and 11 pm sharp, whereas the closing time was decided to be 12 am. Countries like France, Sweden, and Denmark had already lifted the restrictions before Finland decided to join the party. Here’s what the Managing Director of the Finnish Hospitality Association Timo Lappi had to say about this decision –

“Monday is naturally a quiet day for nightclubs, so it’s difficult to say how many will be open then. But this is a day of joy, as restaurants can call back employees who have been temporarily laid off for long periods of time.”

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Image Credits: Vantaa City

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