Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-3000 Now Supports Direct Streaming From Beatport

Pioneer DJ and Beatport have announced a partnership that will make DJs' lives a little easier. 

The partnership will enable DJs to stream Beatport's catalog directly from their CDJ-3000s through a new feature called StreamingDirectPlay. Once connected, they have access to Beatport's catalog of more than 11 million tracks. DJs must be subscribed to Beatport's Professional plan, which plays 128kbps AAC files; or Advanced plan, which increases the audio quality to 256kbps; for access. 

StreamingDirectPlay allows for four tracks to be played at the same time. To enable the feature, simply log into your Beatport account from your CDJ-3000 unit. When the track is loading, the CDJ-3000 will analyze its grid and display vital information for performers to more easily navigate the player's functionality, like quantizing and looping.

StreamingDirectPlay can also easily connect and integrat with rekordbox CloudDirectPlay. All hot cues or memory cues are saved and uploaded to the cloud. 


Pioneer DJ's new partnership and software integration arrives amidst a flashpoint for the DJing community. The company had been under fire in recent months due to performance issues surrounding the CDJ-3000.

This year, Zedd's USB corrupted minutes before his Ultra Music Festival performance, leading to vexing issues with regards to BPM and beat-matching. "NOTHING would load at all," he tweeted after the set, which he called a "complete nightmare disaster." 

Electronic music producers Rohaan and Skream recently traded Twitter barbs about the CDJ issues, leading to a prolonged squabble with many DJs chiming in. After the former suggested venues supply one CDJ in the green room or artist area for them to test their USBs before going on stage, the latter recommended checking at home.

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