RL Grime and Juelz Have Dropped One of 2023’s Biggest Electronic Records: Listen to “Breach”

In a collaborative tour de force, RL Grime and Juelz have teamed up for a breathtaking new single, "Breach."

The spellbinding sound of Grime's Sable Valley has long been considered the touchstone of emotive bass music, but "Breach" takes the label to new heights. If creativity were water, this duo's well would never run dry.

A surefire festival anthem, "Breach" is one of the year's biggest electronic records. An eerie intro slithers into focus before Grime and Juelz introduce a ferocious, acid-inspired bassline. It's not long before the track's first drop wallops with the intensity of an abrupt fissure in Earth's crust, running roughshod with screeching synths and 808s you can feel in your bones.

Juelz and Grime then go half-time, pouring gasoline on the song's energy with a filthy breakbeat segment before the arrangement halts to a hypnotic lull in the break. But they don't stop there, ultimately bringing the track home with a snarling techno drop that could soundtrack a vampire slasher scene out of Blade.

Take a listen to "Breach" below and find the new track on streaming platforms here.



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