Romy & Fred again.. reunite on new release ‘Strong’: Listen

Following previous collaboration ‘Lights Out,’ Romy of and Fred again.. have reunited for the release of ‘Strong,’ an ID that had been teased in Fred again..’s viral Boiler Room set earlier this year.

The xx’s Romy and Fred again.. are expanding their collaborative history together. Following ‘Lights Out‘ which was released together with HAAi earlier towards the start of this year, the pair come together again to collaborate on ‘Strong.’ Those who have had the viral Boiler Room set of Fred’s on repeat since July will recognise this as one of the many IDs played during that set, and now it sees its official release.


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“I’ve been playing this song in sets for 2 years now and I wanna say how much I appreciate everyone who’s messaged about it! And your patience!!! But yes above all to romy who is perhaps the most kind soft and sensitive person I’ve ever met. Roms has written very beautifully already about the aspect of her grief that this song touches upon for her. And I couldn’t say it better than she has. So I won’t try! All I can say is that I’m honoured to be involved in it at all.” – Fred again..

Writing emotive lyrics is something that both Romy and Fred again.. know how to do extremely well, so its no surprise that in addition to bringing the club vibe, they’ve also touched upon raw human emotion in ‘Strong.’ Honing in on that nostalgic, trance-like old school electronic vibe, both artists replicate it perfectly for the modern music world.

“Thank you Fred, our friendship helps me feel safe to be honest and vulnerable lyrically. I’ve loved connecting over our love of emotions in dance music. It’s been so exciting seeing the journey this songs been on since you played it in your boiler room! Fred you are the best!” – Romy

Go on an emotional journey, and listen to ‘Strong’ here. Alternatively, you can watch the music video below in which Romy’s own cousin stars (who was also the subject for the track, speaking out about connecting with feelings of grief and family when her mother passed away).

Image Credit: Fred again.. (Press) / Provided by Warner Music Group

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