SLANDER release their debut album, “Thrive”: Listen

After 12 years of successful single releases, the long-anticipated debut album from SLANDER called “Thrive” is out now.

Derek Andersen and Scott Lang, are known by the name of SLANDER. They met at the University of California where they graduated from Icon Collective, a music production school together with Tyler Marenyi, now known as NGHTMRE. After the 2014 remix of Showtek‘s song “We Like To Party“, the duo began to rise. Their producer style was quickly known as “heaven trap.”

Their biggest success so far came with their collaboration with Dylan Matthew called “Love Is Gone.” Both single and acoustic version are their most listened singles on Spotify at the moment; there was no doubt that “Love Is Gone” has to be the lead single of the album.

The album consists of 10 tracks. The first one, “Kill Me With Silence” gives very similar vibes to the acoustic version of “Love Is Gone”. It perfectly preludes the remaining tracks, as it is a great euphoric tune. The second track was yet unreleased future bass collaboration with Kiiara called “Nothing Hurts Like Goodbye“. This one starts a bit faster, with the guitar together with fitting vocals. The track itself gives great summer vibes.

“We’re telling a cosmic love story,” notes Derek Andersen. “In the future, this astronaut is searching for a place to start life again, but he has a love back on earth in the past. The name THRIVE sets the tone as it reflects the spaceman’s journey to make the human race thrive again. During the journey, he experiences relationship flashbacks of his memories on earth as he gets farther and farther away from the home. You’re essentially hearing all of this.”

The third track was already released not so long ago, “Replay” with Dylan Matthew is exactly what fans expected from this join of forces. An emotional track with a powerful future bass drop. The fourth track was already released as well. “Halfway Down” with Ashley Drake was an interesting take about trying a new vocalist and it was a risk worth taking. Ashley Drake provided awesome vocals to one of the most emotional tracks of this album. The friendship with NGHTMRE was not forgotten as NGHTMRE is featured on the fifth track called “Monster“.

“An album has been a long time coming for us,” adds Scott Land. “We were never stuck in one place long enough to make ten songs with a singular vibe though. It got to the point where the pandemic happened, and it was almost the perfect timing. We didn’t have any shows, and we had the space for a full body of work. We’ve known each other for twelve years, always DJ’ed together, and shared similar tastes in music. We got to have a bit of fun now.”

Followed by the sixth and seventh tracks “Love Is Gone” and Walk On Water, Dylan Matthew once again proves his talent as a vocalist together with RØRY. The last 3 tracks are a surprise. SLANDER tried something new and tracks Before Dawn and “Second Life” are their interesting first take on techno. The already great album ends with a track called “Watch Over Me” with JT Roach. This track is a perfect night ride deep house.

This album is a big milestone in the career of SLANDER, setting the path for what is certainly a great future to come for them. You can listen to the album below. In addition to this, the duo are also going on a tour of the same name, and you can check out dates and tickets here.


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