Snapchat and Live Nation to bring augmented reality experience to festivals such as EDC Las Vegas

Attempting to change live events forever, Snapchat and Live Nation are introducing AR to a number of events. “They help artists tell their stories and bring music to life” Snapchat states.

Global social media platform Snapchat has been a staple across phones for over a decade now, allowing users to express themselves via photos and video, the company has always been ahead of the game. Now expecting to take over the events space, Snapchat is now joining forces with ticket operator Live Nation to bring an AR (Augmented Reality) experience to our favourite music events this year and beyond.

The exciting partnership between the companies was announced during Snapchat’s ‘Snap Partner Summit’ and fans at select festivals such as Lollapalooza Chicago, Rolling Loud, Wireless Festival and EDC Las Vegas will be able to have unique experiences. the AR experiences available on the Snapchat app include the ability to try on merch, find friends and locate areas of the festival grounds all easily accessible upon opening the app. Snapchat discussed the exciting new partnership with Live Nation and the new innovation when they stated to TechCrunch:

For years, video screens have been a canvas for visual expression at concerts and festivals around the world – They help artists tell their stories and bring music to life. We believe Snap’s augmented reality offers artists an incredible new creative tool that will change the way fans experience their performances.

Snapchat has released a video giving an in-depth look into how the concept will work which you can check out via Youtube below, and you can find more information regarding this AR experience and more that was announced at the Snap Partner Summit here.

Image Credit: EDC Las Vegas (via Facebook)

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