South Korean concerts witness the upliftment of bans on cheering

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The South Korean music concerts and live events have accomplished a huge milestone on the road to recovery after the coronavirus pandemic as the ban on cheering and clapping in the music industry has finally been lifted. With the number of positive cases in the country moving towards a safe level of stability, most precautionary measures to stop the spread of covid during live events are now being dropped. But the attendees are still expected to wear a mask at all times during indoor as well as outdoor events.

Only 15,000 people were allowed to enter the Jasmil Olympic Stadium in Seoul last month, despite the original capcity of the venue being an astonishing 70,000. Fans across the arena were handed plastic clappers to emulate cheering noises when BTS performed from 10th to 12th March as a part of their three-night residency.

“Holding K-POP concerts can have a huge impact on our economy. If BTS normally holds a concert in Korea during the post-coronavirus period, the economic ripple effect will reach 677.6 billion won ($550 million) to 1.22 trillion won ($989m) for one performance. This analysis took BTS concerts as an example, but it shows that holding K-pop concerts in can have a huge impact on the South Korean economy.” – Official Report (Korea Culture and Tourism Institute)


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