Will Ferrell Goes Viral With Guest DJ Set At USC Fraternity Party

One of USC's most famous alumni couldn't resist dropping in during family weekend for a guest DJ set.

Will Ferrell graduated from USC in 1990 but has since returned in an official capacity to deliver the school's commencement speech in 2017. Now, his return has rallied students once again, albeit in a much different capacity. 

Ferrell hasn't been known to grace the decks, but the "Old School" actor made like Frank The Tank and delivered some college hijinks that members of Sigma Alpha Mu are sure to remember. His celebrity DJ appearance took place ahead of USC's high-stakes game against the Arizona Wildcats, which the former eventually won in a thrilling triple-overtime matchup. 

Ferrell reportedly dropped in to visit his son Magnus, who is presently a student at the school. Sporting athletic shades, headphones and a backwards USC cap, Ferrell's headlining moment was clipped and shared to TikTok, where it amassed several million views in short order. Check out some of the highlights from the epic party below. 

View the original article to see embedded media.

View the original article to see embedded media.

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