11 Artists You Must See at Lightning in a Bottle 2024

After last year's remarkable event, the organizers of Lightning in a Bottle are returning for another round of the beloved SoCal festival, which returns to Buena Vista Lake over Memorial Day weekend. And as usual, the boundary-breaking fest is bringing along a massive lineup to provide the soundtrack to its many kaleidoscopic backdrops.

This year the likes of Skrillex, Labrinth, James Blake, M.I.A. and more will headline LiB 2024, among others. In a lineup replete with special performances, Skream is also poised for a dubstep set and Tycho will deliver an aching sunset show.

As attendees pack up and head out for Lightning in a Bottle, which officially kicks off tomorrow, now's the time to pay closer attention to the festivals' day-to-day scheduling. So we've combed through its lineup to highlight 11 electronic acts you can't miss this year.

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Hailing from the lush landscapes of New Zealand, Ashez infuses his music with a distinct blend of Kiwi flair and international influences, building a reputation for pushing the envelope. His dynamic performances behind the decks exude an infectious energy, drawing audiences into a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and defies expectations.

Set time: 9:30-10:45pm at The Stacks Stage on Friday.

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Barclay Crenshaw

Barclay Crenshaw has become synonymous with infectious rhythms and boundary-defying sounds. Renowned for his eclectic blend of house and bass music, he has enraptured audiences globally with his dynamic performances and genre-defying sets. 

Beyond his prowess behind the decks, Crenshaw, who also built a stellar career under his Claude VonStroke alias, is also the founder of Dirtybird Records, a seminal record label revered for its singular approach to house music. Through his relentless creativity and unwavering dedication, Crenshaw has firmly established himself at the vanguard of today's bass music scene.

Set time: 8:35-9:50pm at the Thunder Stage on Sunday.

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Bob Moses

Hailing from Vancouver, Bob Moses have garnered widespread acclaim for their emotionally resonant soundscapes and infectious grooves. With haunting vocals layered over pulsating beats and atmospheric melodies, the duo continues to captivate with their innovative approach to electronic music.

Set time: 8:15-10:10pm at the Woogie Stage on Sunday.

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CloZee is a visionary electronic music producer and DJ known for her enchanting fusion of world music and bass. Hailing from Toulouse, France, her music transports listeners to a realm where cultures collide and melodies intertwine seamlessly. With her intricate compositions, characterized by ethereal melodies and organic sounds, she has carved out a unique niche.

CloZee's captivating performances, marked by her skillful mixing and vibrant stage presence, have earned her a dedicated global following. A boundary-pushing artist, she stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation in the world of dance music.

Set time: 11:10pm-12:25am at the Thunder Stage on Sunday.

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Justin Martin

Hailing from San Francisco, Justin Martin has become renowned for bringing to the stage a distinctive blend of house, techno and bass music. As a longstanding member of the Dirtybird Records family, he has left an indelible mark with tracks that exude a playful yet sophisticated vibe. His dynamic DJ sets are characterized by pulsating rhythms, infectious grooves and a relentless commitment to keeping the dancefloor moving.

Set time: 10:15pm-12:00am at the Woogie Stage on Saturday.

Spencer Young

Maddy O'Neal

Known for her infectious beats and soulful melodies, Maddy O'Neal is a rising star in the electronic music scene. Hailing from Denver, she has quickly garnered recognition for her live sets, which blend elements of hip-hop, funk and bass music. With a background in jazz piano, she crafts tracks that are both groovy and emotive, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide. 

Set time: 8:25-9:40pm at the Thunder Stage on Saturday.

Stephanie Parsely

Mura Masa

The inimitable Mura Masa is a visionary producer known for his genre-blurring sound and innovative production. Hailing from the remote island of Guernsey, he quickly rose to prominence on the global stage with his unique blend of electronic, hip-hop, and pop influences.

With his meticulous attention to detail and penchant for experimentation, he crafts intricately layered tracks that are both sonically rich and emotionally resonant. From breakout hits like "Love$ick" to his stunning self-titled debut album, Mura Masa continues to push boundaries and defy expectations.

Set time: 9:15-10:15pm at the Lightning Stage on Friday.

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Nora En Pure

With her ethereal soundscapes, Nora En Pure transports audiences to enchanting realms of sonic beauty. Drawing inspiration from a deep connection to nature and her background in classical music, her music is imbued with organic elements and lush textures that evoke a sense of tranquility and euphoria. Hits like "Come With Me" and "Uruguay" have solidified her reputation as a luminary in melodic and deep house music while her DJ sets take listeners on mesmerizing journeys.

Set time: 6:30-8:30pm at the Woogie Stage on Saturday.

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Of The Trees

A rising superstar in the bass music scene, Of The Trees was recently named to the EDM.com Class of 2024. Hailing from Portland, he has cultivated a unique sonic identity that blends elements of trap, dubstep and glitch into a brilliantly experimental sound.

Of The Trees' productions are characterized by intricate rhythms, deep basslines, and atmospheric textures, curating an otherworldly listening experience. With a string of acclaimed releases and landmark live shows, he has garnered a dedicated following and established himself as a formidable talent.

Set time: 11:30pm-12:45am at the Thunder Stage on Saturday.

Colin Webb


A dyed-in-the-wool electronic music icon, Skrillex needs no introduction ahead of LiB 2024. Revered for its signature blend of frenetic basslines and infectious melodies, Skrillex's music defies categorization and inspires generations of aspiring music producers. 

With timeless hits like "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" and "Bangarang," he reshaped the landscape of electronic music, earning multiple Grammy Awards and widespread acclaim in the process. Beyond his solo work, Skrillex is also a prolific collaborator, having produced records for countless superstars. His boundary-pushing creativity and relentless innovation continue to reinforce his status as one of the most influential and respected figures in contemporary music.

Set time: 12:30-2:00am at the Lighting Stage on Sunday.

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Tycho is a visionary artist celebrated for his transcendent blend of ambient, downtempo and electronica. Known for his lush, atmospheric soundscapes and intricate compositions, he creates music that evokes a sense of introspection and wonder.

With albums like Dive and Epoch, he has garnered widespread acclaim and a dedicated global following, earning praise for his ability to transport listeners to serene and ethereal realms. Tycho's live performances, accompanied by mesmerizing visuals, are immersive experiences that captivate with their emotive might.

Set time: 7:45-9:00pm at the Thunder Stage on Friday. 

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