5 Reasons Why Seismic Dance Event Is a Must-Visit for Fans of Techno and House Music

While it's often referred to as the "live music capital of the world," Austin may not ordinarily be your first thought when it comes to discovering the latest and greatest in techno and house music.

However, Seismic Dance Event is rapidly changing Austin's reputation when it comes to dance music, helping to define the culturally rich Central Texas city as a hub for discovering the electronic sounds of tomorrow. 

As Seismic Dance Event gears up for a return this November, during what is arguably the biggest boom cycle in techno and house in recent memory, there's plenty to be excited for in this year's milestone edition. 

Tickets to Seismic Dance Event are on sale now.

Seismic showcases what's next in techno and house music

A new wave of techno and house music fever has swept the dance music scene in 2022, and Seismic has assembled a formidable offering of the genre's top talent to meet the moment. 

From the underground sounds of Maceo Plex to HI-LO and Gorgon City's uplifting melodic sensibilities, Seismic has the flywheel of techno and house sub-genres fully covered.


Likewise, Seismic offers performances from legendary artists such as Fatboy Slim along with a taste of what's new and breaking today. Seismic is showcasing who is shaking up the club scene, like EDM.com Class of 2022 inductee ACRAZE.

There's certainly pent-up demand for one name in particular on this year's lineup: Charlotte de Witte, who had to pull out of last year's Seismic 3.3 edition due to a last minute visa issue. Now in 2022, with the techno maven's profile bigger than ever, her set is likely to be among the festival's most hotly anticipated.

Seismic shakes things up with elevated production

Seismic has been known to consistently raise the bar when it comes to bringing their loyal community a high caliber production to remember, and this year is no different. 

The festival's Volcano, Tsunami, and Frequency stages are set to return this year with leveled-up features. In 2021, organizers moved the Volcano stage into the main room of The Concourse Project, creating a spacious warehouse-like atmosphere erupting with frenzied laser beams. There's no telling what's in store for this year's edition, but nonetheless the team is certainly not above shaking things up for the better.

Seismic Dance Event's founders, Kelly Gray and Andrew Parsons, tell EDM.com that even following a decade of experience in throwing dance music shows, their desire to raise their own benchmark remains ever-present.

"It's felt like a natural trajectory of our thirst and passion for the music scene and the community here as we're always focused on building and building, never becoming complacent, and always pushing ourselves to do more," the two told us in a joint statement.

Seismic afterparties keep the dancefloor rocking at all hours

After the dust settles on the festival's closing sets, the party continues daily at the Seismic afterparties, deep into the early morning hours.

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Seismic Dance Event

5 Reasons Why Seismic Dance Event Is a Must-Visit for Fans of Techno and House Music

Seismic Dance Event continues to up the ante and this year's landmark 5th edition is likely to bring about their most ambitious fest yet.

Friday from 1:30 to 5:00am, Enrico Sangiuliano, Sama' Abdulhadi and de Witte take to the decks to cap off what is sure to be a gangbusters opening day. At the same time Saturday, the party reconvenes for house music sets by The Martinez Brothers, Kevin de Vries and Coco & Breezy. 

There's one last opportunity to leave it all on the dancefloor on Sunday, and what better way to close close out a jam-packed festival weekend, than on a high note. Sets from Gorgon City, Colyn and Miss Monique will leave fans feeling uplifted as the transition back to reality sets in.

Fans should note that Seismic afterparty tickets are only available to Seismic Dance Event festival goers at this time. That means in order to attend any of the afterparty offerings, you will effectively need both a Seismic Dance Event fest wristband and the afterparty wristband in order to attend. Tickets to the afterparties are on sale effective October 31st at 12pm local time via the festival's official website.

Sprawling venue with distinct mix of indoor and outdoor stages

Seismic has made a focused effort on not only establishing themselves as the region's dominant player in talent and production curation, but on lifestyle and community building.

"It feels cliche saying it but it is so true and one of the biggest motivating factors for why we do what we do today... it's the vibe," Gray and Parsons tell EDM.com.

Seismic Dance Event

Seismic's organizers have been strategic in accumulating the experience and resources needed to achieve their ever-increasing ambitions. The event has always been well positioned for success, due to its unique arrangement on a sprawling seven acre plot while featuring diverse environments including a mix of both indoor and outdoor stages.

As both venue operators and festival curators RealMusic Events have leveraged the freedom and flexibility of the space allowing for new art installations, food trucks, and other Easter eggs to turn the setting into a vibrant neon wonderland. 

Seismic Dance Event

Seismic's landmark 5th anniversary

Seismic is an intimate, boutique music festival with an artistic depth that rivals many of the biggest players in the dance music festival scene. Catering to just 5,000 concert-goers in previous years, the fest offers diehard techno and house music fans the opportunity to catch over 50 of the genre's defining talents over the course of a single weekend.

In just a few short years, Seismic Dance Event has earned a stellar reputation for excellence, greatly increasing the chances it will be a staple of the Lone Star State music scene for years to come. Prior to its arrival, Austin had not historically hosted full-fledged festivals dedicated to the genre, but now this dedicated community wouldn't have it any other way.

"Ultimately, we're driven by providing the experience we would want," Gray and Parsons said. "We've prided ourselves on shining a light on our scene here, and we love hearing from Seismic attendees who travel from around the country, sometimes even internationally, that not only say these are some of the best lineups they've seen for the house and techno enthusiasts, but that the crowd vibe and people are exceptionally special." 

Seismic Dance Event is scheduled for November 11-13th, 2022.


Website: seismicdanceevent.com
Facebook: facebook.com/seismicdanceevent
Twitter: twitter.com/SeismicTX
Instagram: instagram.com/seismicdanceevent

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