ARTBAT’s UPPERGROUND Label Drops Cyberpunk-Inspired Compilation

The sounds of a dystopian world manifest in techno form in Cyberpunk Selected, a new compilation from ARTBAT's UPPERGROUND.

The four-track compilation features cutting-edge sounds inspired by the cyberpunk genre and aesthetic. Its imaginative, neon-drenched music infuses modern dance elements with boundary-pushing sound design.

ARTBAT's signature sound kicks things off in "Artefact," which immediately transports us to a dark future with its propulsive bassline. Steeped in a futuristic, urban glow, the track builds to a deep and hair-raising drop, embodying the cyberpunk theme with finesse and precision.

Next, Shall Ocin's "External" is the collision point between grit, groove and emotion. Textured and glitchy, the track drives through a four-on-the-floor cybernetic soundscape before a soft, haunting interlude in the break gives us a moment to breathe. Powerful and haunting, Fred Lenix's "Oblivion Bells" showcases layers of depth through stellar sound design, pairing eerie pads with gutsy bass to construct a cinematic atmosphere.

Lastly, Citizen Kain's "Ghosts and Shadows" puts the cherry on top of Cyberpunk Selected, bringing it home with perhaps its most potent dose of dystopia. The track feels rain-drenched and neon-coated, a stunning blend of techno and vaporwave. Unearthly and striking, the track erupts with electricity that crackles before fizzling out, leaving us hungry for more.

Listen to Cyberpunk Selected below.

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