David Guetta reveals new collaboration with Danish beer brand Tuborg for

Fresh off the heels having dropped an explosive collaboration called ‘Hero‘ alongside Dutch mastermind Afrojack, electronic favourite David Guetta returns to the headlines to announce another collaboration; revealing a new partnership with Danish beer brand Tuborg. Specially partnering for the Tuborg Open, a Global Music Collaboration Platform which gives music artists from across the world the chance to work together, both Guetta and Tuborg are set to show fans how the power of music can connect us all, a project that celebrates music and unity.

Revealing the news on his Instagram account, the current world number one DJ shared a short video that provides an interesting look into why the ‘Titanium‘ star has chosen to work alongside such a forward-thinking brand in Tuborg. And to sweeten the news, even more, Guetta has announced that new music will arrive this Friday. Ironically, the track can be heard in the background of the video. We can’t wait to get our hands on the full version. Talking about the collaboration, Guetta added:

“I think music is a universal language and dance music especially brings people together. […] It’s interesting to see the reaction of a different artist that is from a completely different culture than mine, see how they can take my sounds and make it something else by giving it their own interpretation. […] What I expect from an artist is to have maybe a different vision of the world and somerhing to say that hasn’t been said, and it can be lyrical, or it can be musical, and maybe the combination between what they bring and what I bring, can create something comeplete fressh, then I’m happy.”

It’s all hands on deck for David Guetta who continues to demonstrate why he was crowned the world’s best. Continually in the spotlight, there’s no stopping the Frenchman, be it from his in-demand United At Home streams to being announced as a headlining act for Creamfields Festival. Tune back in this Friday when we share an update on the new release. Till then, check out the collaboration announcement below.



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Image Credit: David Guetta (via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DavidGuetta/photos/a.441503371355/10157651993571356/)

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