DJ Soda Reveals She Was Sexually Assaulted, Groped by Fans at Japanese Music Festival

DJ Soda has opened up about a distressing incident at this year's Music Circus Festival in Osaka, where she says she was groped by a number of fans.

The beloved South Korean DJ shared a lengthy Instagram post wherein she claims that several attendees sexually assaulted her during a period in which she was interacting with the crowd. Those people, Soda says, touched and grabbed her breasts.

"In order to communicate more closely with the fans, I always get closer to the fans at the end of the gig," Soda wrote. "At that moment, not only one but also several people suddenly touched my chest and I was helplessly sexually harassed by them."

Soda's post includes images of the alleged assaults. They appear to show fans reaching across the security barrier to touch her chest.

"I was so surprised and scared, but there were fans who liked me and also cried a lot, so I tried my best to finish it imperturbably," she continued. "Now I'm back at the hotel however I'm still very scared, and I've never ever experienced anything like this in my 10 years as a DJ."

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The organizers of Music Circus Festival, TryHard Japan, are now investigating the matter and planning to file a criminal complaint, Kyodo News reports. The company is considering charges of indecent assault, although police are yet to identify the suspects, sources said.

Soda went on to share another post blasting criticism she received with regards to her "revealing" attire.

"No matter what clothes I wear, sexual harassment and assault cannot be justified. I've been wanting to say this for some time," she wrote. "Maybe it's obvious, but it took a lot of courage to say this. I'm not wearing revealing clothes to make people to touch me and see my body. I know myself very well so I know what kind of clothes make me look pretty, which makes me feel confident and satisfied with it, so I wear the clothes I want to wear only for my own satisfaction. But they have no right to touch me or sexually harass me because I wear revealing clothes."

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