Excision Opens Up About Exhaustion, Burnout and the Stigma of Overworking in DJ Culture

Running on empty isn't cool, despite what your favorite TikTok shitfluencers influencers tell you. In a music scene where overworking is all too often celebrated, Excision has offered a counter-narrative, revealing the hidden dangers that lurk beneath the surface of a grueling schedule.

The dubstep superstar has shared a candid post to lament the "extremely unhealthy" stigmas associated with the glorification of an overworked musician's lifestyle. Responding to a fan on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, Excision poured cold water on the tired ideology that artists have to grind nonstop to "make it" in the electronic music industry.

Excision recently announced his "Nexus" tour, which he's calling the biggest of his career. The prolific producer is also the proprietor of Lost Lands and Bass Canyon, two of the nation's preeminent bass music festivals, as well as the beloved Subsidia Records label.

"Overworking ourselves tends to get glamourized these days and can be a point of pride, but taken too far is extremely unhealthy," Excision wrote. "I know it looks like I’m doing an insane amount of shows with the tour lineup announces dropping all the time but I’m actually only playing in 7 cities in the 4 months between [Lost Lands] and the tour starting in February. It’s been great to have more time in the studio and I’ve got a lot of different stuff in the pipeline that I’ve been working on for a long time and coming closer to fruition."


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Mental health remains one of the most critical flashpoints in today's artist community, wherein burnout and sacrifice are sadly regarded as routine truisms. But many still find themselves on a knife-edge, hesitant to talk about exhaustion for fear of backlash from fans who consider their work a dream job.

Excision's insights offer a sobering look into that dichotomy, impugning the myth that exhaustion is a sign of dedication. Prioritizing sleep, exercise, diet and quality time with loved ones, he says, is crucial for music producers to establish a healthy balance.

"As an introvert, without the balance of being able to hermit away in the studio, touring would be a lot harder," he continued. "It’s extremely important not just for artists but for everyone to find their own balance in life and do their best to stay within that range, taking breaks or pushing themselves to go harder as necessary."

You can read Excision's full post below.

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