Four Tet recorded an album with madlib

English producer Kieran Hebdenbest known by his stage name Four Tet announced that he has recorded an album with iconic American hip-hop producer Madlib. He dropped the news of the upcoming LP and new releases in the comment section of his livestream on Youtube on October 22, saying:

 “I’ve made an album with Madlib […] got other new stuff coming too.” 

However, this is not the first time the two masterminds have collaborated. Although it is ususally Madlib, who remixes his records, he made an exception with Four Tet. Madvillain, a hip-hop duo consisting of Madlib and MF DOOM released its only studio album  ‘Madvillainy’ back in 2004, having Kieran Hebdan to remix some of the tracks for Europe-only vinyl releases a year later.

Being one of the most productive and multifaceted artists, Four Tet released his 10th studio album ‘Sixteen Oceans‘ in March under that name and five new songs via his SoundCloud page since then. If you thought he would leave his fans and music lovers to have the same tunes on shuffle over and over again, you were wrong. He collected hundreds of songs he has worked on throughout the years and put together a Spotify playlist, now including 559 tracks, titled ‘Everything’.

I’ve been going through my archives and it gave me the idea to make a Spotify playlist of everything I could find on there that I’ve worked on… written, recorded, produced, remixed, performed on etc 526 tracks so far.

Having joint album and Madlib in the same sentence is not quite unusual. He already dropped an album with rapper Talib Kweli in 2007 and released two LP’s, ‘Piñata‘ and ‘Bandana‘ with another critically acclaimed rapper Freddie Gibbs. His brand new project ‘Pardon My French’, a spritiual jazz album with drummer Karriem Riggins is going to be available under the name Jahari Massamba Unit on November 28.

Neither Four Tet nor Madlib revealed further information about the upcoming album, but we will keep you updated. Until then, make sure you listen to their latest releases.

Image Credit: Jordi Vidal via Getty Images and Maria Jose Govea/RED BULL CONTENT POOL

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