Ikea reveals a glimpse of their exclusive products designed in collaboration with Swedish House Mafia

Ikea revealed a more in-depth insight with their rare collaboration with superstar trio Swedish House Mafia, including the first prototypes of the products and the upcoming twists to the iconic FRAKTA bag.

In September 2021 Ikea announced their unique collaboration with the most iconic EDM trio Swedish House Mafia, and this week they revealed the prototypes of products set to launch later this year.

Ikea’s designer from The Netherlands Friso Wiersma spoke about the significance of this collaboration: “Music is a very direct way of being creative, different from design.” And is on the rise – according to a 2020 report published by charity organisation Youth Music, 67% of young people aged 7-17 in the UK nowadays make music. The idea behind this line of products was to make lives of these up-and-coming young producers easier, while not breaking their wallet and allowing space for creativity, making the products have several ways of use.

“The topic of making music at home was a new world to many of us at IKEA, so it’s been challenging and a lot of learning”, says Friso. “But it’s so nice to work with people like the guys in Swedish House Mafia. They have a strong creative vision in everything that they do, and they’re people who, in a good way, want to have control over every small little detail. As a designer, I’m the same. I’m meticulous, I love solving and thinking about even the smallest little stitch in a bag. It’s been a really good match in that sense.”

Ikea Swedish House Mafia Products

Ikea x Swedish House Mafia FRAKTA Prototypes

The boys decided to tackle several functionality issues when being a producer, and their biggest wish was to create several versions of the iconic FRAKTA bag. As a result, they came up with three variations, each having different crucial functions in a producer’s career. First product revealed by Ikea is the accessory bag, which was designed with the intention to provide a small kit of necessities for DJs, producers on the move and anyone wanting to share their music outside their studio. Another item is a padded shoulder bag designed to fit a laptop, and the third is a customizable bag with a zip which can change its size, designed in square shape to carry vinyl records. All three bags come in SHM’s iconic black color, and will be available for sale in most markets Ikea is present in. This collaboration between IKEA and Swedish House Mafia is set to launch in Fall 2022.



Image Credit: Swedish House Mafia (Press)

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