Insomniac’s Debut Disco Trip Brought the Funk to L.A.

"Disco is music for dancing, and people will always want to dance," Giorgio Moroder once said.

Born in the 60s, disco originated as a safe space for marginalized people to come together and dance. Queer, Black and Latin communities were at the epicenter of disco’s origins and their stories are indelible, standing the test of time and deeply influencing today's biggest stars, like Dua Lipa, Doja Cat and Lady Gaga.

Also helping to keep disco's legacy alive is Insomniac’s Day Trip brand, which just held their inaugural Disco Trip festival. On November 5th, Los Angeles residents flocked to Grand Park, adjacent to City Hall and the downtown skyline, for a night full of dancing. Crystal Waters, Jayda G, Purple Disco Machine and more graced the stage for a night to remember.

Disco Trip

A massive disco ball adorned Disco Trip's dancefloor.

Speckled with disco balls, the venue was transformed into a glittering and gleaming wonderland. Attendees came dressed to the nines in their grooviest coats, hats and boots.

And for just $10, they could get their drinks in an adorable disco ball cup, one of the festival's many hits. Everywhere you looked, someone was happily sipping out of their shiny cup.

Disco Trip

Disco Trip attendees with their disco ball cups.

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Disco Trip

Insomniac's Debut Disco Trip Brought the Funk to L.A.

The inaugural fest's energy was palpable and Insomniac did a bang-up job paying homage to disco’s roots.

The performances were larger than life. Adam Auburn and Hint of Lavender kicked things off with a fun and groovy set before Rolando Murdoch and Heidi Lawden followed and brought the funk to DTLA.

Crystal Waters, the iconic house music singer behind classic hits like “Destination Calabria,” “Gypsy Woman” and “100% Pure Love,” delivered an unforgettable performance. Flanked by two backup dancers, she turned up the energy with her live vocals and dancing.

Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Jayda G took the stage with a typically danceable se, and Purple Disco Machine closed out the night with a perfect balance of his hit records.

If the music wasn’t enough to get the whole crowd dancing, a handful of vibrant queer dancers performed onstage throughout the day. Grooving it out on stage, they elevated the fun and encouraged the crowd to get their boogie on.

Disco Trip

A Disco Trip dancer flips hair onstage during Heidi Lawden's set.

All said and done, Disco Trip’s debut was a smashing success. The atmosphere's energy was palpable and Insomniac did a bang-up job paying homage to disco’s roots with their inclusive lineup. We can’t wait for the next one.



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