Italy extends closure of nightclubs

Although the country of Italy was meant to be lifting many restrictions on the 1st of February which included the reopening of Nightclubs and other nighttime venues, due to an agreement reached by ministers on Monday, the lift of restrictions will now take place on a delayed date of the 10th of February at the earliest. The move comes as Italy comes close to almost 11.5 million Covid-19 infections and 150,000 deaths.

Along with the extended closure of clubs which has been in place from before Christmas, the mandatory wearing of masks indoors and outdoors are set to also stay. These restrictions will also be in place in the countries ‘White Zone’ areas, which are areas within the country with low rates of infection and thus deemed low risk and joins the use of the controversial ‘super green pass’. The pass that allows entry into services the likes of bars and restaurants for the fully vaccinated, recently recovered, or those for have had a recent negative test. However, the use of this pass for the vaccinated only lasts 9 months which could see it soon expiring for people who received the booster early. With no fourth jab currently on the cards, it will be up for debate by the minister to see if the pass will be abolished or extended for people who have had the booster jab indefinitely.

Elsewhere in Europe, Denmark and England have just ended all of their Covid-19 restrictions and the party island of Ibiza has stated that the club season beginning this April is to go ahead as planned, however many countries still see their nightclubs closed the likes of Belgium and The Netherlands. You can check out Italy’s full list of restrictions via the countries government website here.




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