Martin Garrix receives his own postal stamp along with a hidden surprise

Martin Garrix has just received his own postal stamp that contains a hidden surprise. PostNL, a parcel service that serves areas of the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Italy, and Belgium has just honoured the world renowned DJ/producer Martin Garrix with his own postal stamp. Not only will you be able to mail your letters in style with Garrix’s signature logo, but anyone who purchases these stamps and downloads a special application will get to experience a virtual performance by Garrix himself.

The free interactive app will allow each user to scan their stamp for access to super-exclusive photos, information, and a private AR (augmented reality) performance from Garrix, which can be played anywhere. Users can watch Garrix perform from their home, at a friend’s house, in their kitchen, or anywhere you can imagine, as long as you have your phone’s camera on!

While it may seem like an unlikely pairing, Garrix has actually always had a sentimental connection with stamps, as his father was a devoted collector. Stamps have also found their way into his own record label ‘STMPD RCRDS.

Martin Garrix had this to say regarding the release,

“From an early age I’ve had stamps around me due to my dad’s company. Therefore, when starting my label, we even chose a name that refers to stamps: STMPD RCRDS. It is very special to be on a stamp myself now and I am super happy with the end result.’’ 

The special Martin Garrix stamps will include five different versions and are available to purchase here.

Download the accompanying app here for iPhone and here for Google Play.
























Image Credit: Martin Garrix (via Facebook)

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