New Research Reveals Top AI Tools Utilized by Music Producers

The use cases for artificial intelligence in the creative arts are growing seemingly every day.

The latest research from Pirate, a global studio network, reveals as much. From the early stages of preliminary idea generation to one-click mastering, there's an AI-assisted tool tailor-made for most elements of the creative process. 

A deeper dive into Pirate's new study, which the company shared with, illuminates intriguing insights into the specific roles AI plays in music production. Songwriting and composition emerged as the primary area where AI tools shine, with 30% of musicians finding them particularly beneficial in these stages. This is followed by research and inspiration at 21%, beat and rhythm creation at 12%, and mastering at 10%.

ChatGPT, for instance, has become a favorite among songwriters for its ability to generate creative ideas. On the other end of the spectrum, Ozone11 is ostensibly revolutionizing the music mastering process. Its one-click mastering solution simplifies what was once a complex and time-consuming part of music production, offering artists a streamlined and efficient workflow.

The broader trends and statistics highlight the diverse applications of AI, spanning from the genesis of musical ideas to the final touches in production while underscoring the idea that AI could comprise half of the music industry market by 2030, per Zipdo.

Pirate also revealed in a recent survey that over half of musicians would not feel comfortable admitting to using AI-related technologies in their work, revealing that despite the increasing prevalence of such tools, a perceived stigma continues to exist.

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