Groundbreaking Tech Mirrors Likeness of Musician to Create “World’s First AI Clone of an Engineer”

Wez Clarke and Masterchannel's collaborative innovation is paving the way for a world where accessibility to a Grammy Award-winning audio engineer may soon be widespread in the creative arts. 

It seems the music industry is witnessing a novel innovation: the world's first AI clone of an audio engineer. That's according to Masterchannel, who believe their tech marks a significant leap in the integration of AI with the art of music production.

"Having Wez Clarke collaborate with us, acknowledging the potential and future of AI in music, is a testament to how artists can use AI to their benefit," said Masterchannel's CTO, Simon Hestermann, in a press release. "While there is widespread concern about the unauthorized impersonation of artists, this launch demonstrates that artists can actively shape and harness AI's role in the industry.

Clarke, renowned for his impeccable engineering skills and mixing 13 U.K. #1 singles for the likes of Beyoncé and Clean Bandit, has now extended his mastery into the realm of AI. Masterchannel's "Wez Clarke AI" technology mirrors the expertise of its namesake, much like how voice clones have been trained to replicate the distinctive vocal characteristics of singers such as Drake and The Weeknd.

Effectively lowering the barrier to entry to creating high quality music, the development can be seen as further evidence that the expected influx of AI-generated music in years to come is a realistic probability. 

"The exciting thing about the clone is that it’s opening up what I can deliver to a much wider audience of bedroom artists and producers," Clarke added. "It’s great that they can experience working with a major engineer—I would have loved to have had the opportunity to use something like this when I was just starting out, because it’s a perfect way to learn. Producers can get so used to the way their music sounds, and not realize how much better it could get. The clone gives everyone the chance to make their music sound as good as released music, and ultimately they’ll learn how to achieve that professional sound themselves."

Music producers can test the Wez Clarke AI for themselves via Masterchannel's website.

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