Police applaud “nice crowd” at illegal rave in North London

Police have praised the crowd at an illegal rave as the party was broken up in Wanstead, North London this past Saturday.

The illegal rave took place from Saturday night into early Sunday morning at the Wanstead flats in North London but was quickly shut down when police were notified. Much to the raver’s surprise, the Churchfields Police stated that the crowd was very understanding and was quick to comply with the officer’s orders.

Another call which is to calls of a large UME in Wanstead flats,” reads one tweet from the Churchfields Police account on Saturday at around 10:45 PM, referring to the unlawful event. They added:

“Officers have attended and words of advice given to DJ to close shop. Nice crowd so hopefully no more complaints.” 

Once the crowd was clear, the officers stated that the crowd was very cooperative and that no further issues were drawn from the partiers.

The police officers’ explained that there had been previous shutdowns of illegal parties in the days and weeks leading up to the Wanstead party, including one at Grove Park where there was defaced property including road signs, broken glass bottles, and damage to police vehicles. During the attempted breakup of the party, the young party-goers refused to leave.  A spokesperson told MyLondon,

“Officers attended and liaised with organizers who took the decision to shut the event down due to the behavior of some attendees. Significant numbers of youths refused to disperse after being informed that the event would not be continuing.”

Image Credit: Unsplash via @Goashape

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