Skream Drops First Dubstep Single In a Decade, “Summoned”

Skream returns with a menacing dubstep original, "Summoned," and a promise of more music on the way.

The dubstep don has been summoned.

Skream has been making headlines on Twitter as of late, teasing he's got a trove of new music in the vault alongside longtime collaborator Benga and a potential joint tour in the works

Today, however, the U.K. pioneer backed up the talk of a dubstep comeback with action, releasing "Summoned," his first dubstep original in a decade.

Skream is savoring the moment with the nearly six-minute comeback original. With harrowing horns, bright stabs, reverberating drums and mischievous melodies, he seamlessly dusts off his old playbook without missing a beat.

The early-2000s dubstep pioneer famously pivoted to focus on other stylistic genres in recent years, but "Summoned" represents a full reversion back to the roots of his groundbreaking sound at a time when bass music arguably needs his influence most.

It's likely only just the beginning, too. Skream is already teasing a longer-form project, Skreamizm Vol. 8, is in the works as we speak.



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