Third Time’s the Charm: Another Skrillex Album May Drop In 2023

After two albums and a historic rave at Madison Square Garden, it seems the year of Skrillex is just getting started.

Here we go again. Even after the release of two full-length Skrillex records in 2023, the "new album" rumor mill is churning like it's 2015. 

Skrillex recently performed at a free pop-up in São Paulo alongside famed DJ and radio presenter Jyoty Singh, who also invited M.I.A. to the block party as a surprise guest. During the show, Singh hopped on the mic with a succinct yet far from cryptic announcement: "We've been here working on a new Skrillex album."

And it seems the album is already well underway. Details are scarce at the moment, but Singh took to Twitter in the show's wake to confirm her involvement and reply to a fan who asked if it will feature Brazilian artists. "Absolutely," she wrote.

Skrillex recently released Quest For Fire, his long-awaited sophomore album, before stunning fans less than 24 hours later with a second, Don't Get Too Close. The latter hit streaming platforms during his historic rave at Madison Square Garden, which followed a momentous pop-up performance in Times Square alongside Fred again.. and Four Tet.

Now, the prolific producer is gearing up for a massive concert at Colorado's iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre, where he's primed to perform a staggering five-hour set.

Skrillex has not yet publicly confirmed a third 2023 album at the time of writing.

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