Tony from Above & Beyond delivers breathtaking DJ set in Santorini

Above & Beyond are serving us tunes straight out of paradise. Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful locations in the World, the island of Santorini, was A&B‘s Tony’s choice for their 16th deep house live set. Comprised of 31 tracks, the sophisticated and minimalistic set takes place at a typical Greek style home overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Described by fans as “the visual representation of a DJ set in paradise,” set-master Tony takes us on a rather magical journey of sounds, reminding the listener to take a break or tackle whatever task they’re working on with ease. The tracklist also includes original mixes such as Christian Loeffler’s Beirut and Tim Green’s Shiratani. The gorgeous sounds are perfectly handled by Tony, who is creating magical transitions and takes you right to Santorini with the help of his unrivaled musicality and precision.

Above & Beyond, comprised of Tony McGuinness, Jono Grant, and Paavo Siljamäki, never seem to amaze us with their transcending music. The trio has produced 3 much-celebrated electronic music albums as Above & Beyond that have become pillars in the electronic dance community. They are also the founders of the Anjunabeats record label, best known for leading releases in progressive and trance sounds. Their YouTube channel is currently the home to about 800,000 fans of their work, including two GRAMMY nominations and sold-out shows at some of the most important concert venues on the planet, such as Madison Square Garden and Sydney Opera House. Check out the stunning set down below, as it one of the best DJ sets in 2020:

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