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“shy girl” - wilo wilde

Singer-songwriter and producer wilo wilde is crafting a distinct combination of electronic and pop music that feels both nostalgic and future-facing. Her latest single “shy girl,” a sparkly combination of drum & bass energy and lush synths, marks the second single from her sophomore EP back in time, the follow-up to her acclaimed debut, runaway.

“i’m so tired” Ft. Emilia Ali - Scro

Delving into the challenges imposed by social media algorithms and the compromises artists must make, Scro’s latest single “i'm so tired” features a guest performance from Emilia Ali and showcases the artist’s multi-faceted sonic palette. It is slated to be included in Scro’s forthcoming EP, out early next month via bitbird.

“Aurora” - ZUSO

Boasting a sound reminiscent of RÜFÜS DU SOL and Lane 8, ZUSO is enchanting listeners with his progressive and deep house-tinged sound. His latest single, "Aurora," is a mesmerizing seven-minute journey of atmospheric dance music, combining pulsing beats, hypnotic percussion and ethereal synths.

“Do You Feel Ok?” - demotapes

Still buzzing off his debut EP with friends, which featured collaborations with the likes of Darby, pluko and 33 Below, San Fransisco-based producer demotapes has unveiled “Do You Feel Ok?,” a playful dance tune that combines blissful melodies with intricate sample work and groovy percussion.

“Untitled Supper Club” - Purple Tones

Purple Tones showcases his versatile and unique approach to house music in his debut EP VISION, while seamlessly incorporating elements from rap and hip-hop. The groovy "Untitled Supper Club" makes for a stunning opener to the project, inviting listeners on a transformative journey that defies genre boundaries.

“In Your Wake” - JWILLI

Part of Ex Medias’ Vol. III compilation, “In Your Wake” finds Chicago-based producer JWILLI combining heavenly melodies, soothing vocals and bright sound design for a future bass record that is bound to captivate both loyal listeners and new fans.

“Flicker” - Glimji

Putting his own unique spin on U.K. garage and house ever since he emerged last year, Glimji is channeling the nostalgia of the late 80s and early-90s Madchester movement. Out via Pack Records, his latest single “Flicker” perfectly encapsulates his distinct sound, filled with hazy synths, thumping kicks and spirited vocals.

"Used To The Silence" - ATTLAS & Jodie Knight

A two-time Juno-nominated artist and marathon runner, ATTLAS has united with Scottish singer-songwriter and producer Jodie Knight for “Used To The Silence,” a delicate and dreamlike production with introspective lyrics.

“Limes” - Jasper Tygner

London-based producer and instrumentalist Jasper Tygner is carefully curating his own brand of electronic music, amassing widespread support from industry tastemakers in the process. His latest single “Limes” is a masterful display of his unique and intriguing sonic identity.

“Let Go” - The BreakBomb Project

Part of The BreakBomb Project’s recent album PRETAPED, “Let Go” is filled with exciting moments all throughout, like its engaging vocals, punchy basslines and intoxicating dance energy. 

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