ANGELZ Puts His Twist On DJ CRUZ’s Banger ‘Get A Bag’

After gaining great support for the track with New York rappers STVSH and Jay Critch, open-format DJ Cruz felt like the track had more to it. He hit up ANGELZ, who in his turn, transformed the track into a real tech house banger.
DJ Cruz had already gained support from artists as Tiësto, Avicii and DJ Snake for his tracks in the past. LA-Based DJ and Producer ANGELZ got on board and put his touch to 'Get A Bag', creating a tech house version.
The track starts off with a high-tempo tech house-beat and soon after introduces the chorus with its distinguishable melody into the mix. Even though the track finds it roots in the rather raw New York hip-hop, ANGELZ was able to balance the sounds and turn it into a tech-house track, without sacrificing the tracks melody and vocals.
With 'Get A Bag', DJ Cruz made his mark on the NYC hip-hop scene, still having close ties to electronic music, the remix felt natural to Cruz. Besides the remix by ANGELZ, DJ Cruz also released a remix by Austin Marc, which leans more towards trap. One thing is for certain and confirmed by DJ Cruz himself, we'll be hearing a lot more from him in 2020.

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