Tisoki and Fabian Mazur Land on bitbird With Shape-Shifting Collaboration, “Skin”

The renowned electronic music talents display their creative prowess all throughout the new track.

Melding the respective talents of two of electronic music’s most gifted tastemakers, “Skin” finds Tisoki and Fabian Mazur at their strongest.

Out via San Holo’s venerated bitbird imprint, “Skin” is a callback to Tisoki’s acclaimed debut album 01953, which saw him effortlessly shape-shift and combine numerous sub-genres into a cohesive body of work. Still riding high off his early-2023 EP, SONGS TO PLAY LOUD, the producer is now ushering in a new chapter with "Skin," the first single off his upcoming five-tracker, EUPHORIA.

Mazur, a renowned producer who has become beloved for his Splice sample pack series "Elixir" and his deep discography, also shows out on "Skin." His pitched-down vocal contributions beautifully align with the arrangement's mesmerizing ambiance and textured percussion, resulting in a spicy and infectious addition to its pensive production. The drop, on the other hand, displays the two artists' distinct sonic palettes with its airy sound design and minimalistic drum patterns.

"'Skin' came together so organically, as does everything that me and Fabian work on together," Tisoki said. "Any decision I was about to make, he had already thought of it and vice versa. The production is quite simple, but I feel like the lyrics hit really hard."

Take a listen to “Skin” below.


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